PIBAS Batteries
We store energy and deliver security.

KL...P/KM...P/KH...P Regular Series

PIBAS®  KL…P/KM…P/KH…P regular series batteries are build on the well proven pocket plate design combined with new latest technology components. PIBAS®  Ni-Cd batteries are leading the battery world in terms of high performance, longest proven service life, widest operational temperature range and low maintenance requirments. The plate technology and electrolyte choice tolerates temperature fluctuations from  –50°C to +70°C with no effect on plate structure. The high temperature characteristics offer the unchallanged, longest lifetime of any battery in this hostile environment. The PIBAS® Ni-Cd battery design offers a 20 years+ service life, while it provides the most predictalbe aging in the battery industry, offering the highest safety and relaibility in the market. Ni-Cd batteries are the perfect products when the total cost of ownership (TOC) and an optimized OPEX is considered.

Advantages of PIBAS®  Ni-Cd Regular Series Batteries

  • very good high power rating
  • very good cycling capability
  • reduced maintenance
  • exceptional life cycle costs
  • no risk of terminal runaway effect
  • low internal resistance
  • reduced loss of capacity at deep temperature
  • no ice formation at temperatures below 0 °C
  • exceptional lifetime at high temperatures
  • insensitive against deep discharge
  • long shelf life
  • no electrolyte stratification and plate corrosion
  • insensitive against misuse

In order to provide customer and application specified choices PIBAS®  regular series Ni-Cd batteries are produced in 3 different load types.


This PIBAS®  KL…P is used for low rates of discharge over long periods with a recommended discharge time of 1 h to over 100 h. It is used when the discharge current is relatively low compared with the total stored energy. PIBAS®  KL…P offers a good cycle life for which pocket plate batteries are known of. PIBAS®  KL…P range offers 41 capacity steps (11 Ah to 17000 Ah) ensuring a close economic fit to your load requirement – you can buy what you need with accuracy.

PIBAS®  KM…P Range

This PIBAS®  KM…P has been especially designe for “mixed loads” that include a mixture of high and low rates of discharge. It is used for frequent and infrequent  discharges and the recommended discharge time is 30 min to 3 h. PIBAS® KM…P range offers 44 different capacities from 11 Ah to 1390 Ah.

PIBAS®  KH…P Range

This PIBAS®  KH…P has been especially designe for high current discharging over a short period of time. The recommended discharge time is 1 s to 30 min but it is also a perfect product for starting engines and to be use in short period back up power solutions.