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Illumina range - for demanding PV applications

Based on the more than 130 years of experience PIBAS® Illumina range is built on the well proven pocket plate design combined with the break-through PIBAS® AFM-Technology (absorbed fibre mat) ensuring the highest possible recombination efficiency. PIBAS® Illumina is leading the battery world
in being employed in photovoltaic applications with most punishing environments for energy storage only the toughest battery can survive. The plate technology and special lithiumized electrolyte tolerates temperature fluctuations from –50°C to +70°C with no effect on plate structure. The high temperature characteristics offer the unchallanged, longest lifetime of any battery in this hostile environment. The PIBAS® Illuminia design offers a 20 years+ service life, while it requires a minimum of maintenance. All this makes PIBAS® Illumina batteries the perfect product when
the total cost of ownership (TOC) and an optimized OPEX is considered.

Advanced Technology Built In

PIBAS® Illumina range has been especially designed to be used in uncertain conditions to offer highest relaibility. The nickel plated iron & corrosion free internal construction, the special lithiumized electrolyte combined with the PIBAS® Single cell concept and the AFM-Technology (absorbed fibre mat) make Illumina to be the perfect choice for energy storage installations which are too important to fail.

Advantages of PIBAS® Illumina Batteries

  • Excellent resistance against electrical and mechanical stess
  • No risk of terminal decompose or sudden death due to plate construction
  • Excellent cycling – 8.000 cycles at 15% DoD (depth of discharge)
  • Extremely long lifetime - 20 years+ service life in cycling applications at average 15% DoD
  • Robust costruction - hard-wearing and
  • Insensitive to faults in maintenance
  • PIBAS® Modular Single Cell Design for economical replacement and highest safety
  • Wide operational temperature range
  • More than 4 years without topping up – maintenance - possible