PIBAS Batteries
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OPzV Series

OPzV Batteries are perfectly suited for all stationary standby energy storage applications and leading the market in Renewable Energy Storage, Power and Utilities, Telecom, UPS and Oil and Gas applications

Advantages of PIBAS®  OPzV Series Batteries

  • Long lifetime – up to 20 years @ 20°C
  • Excellent deep discharge recovery and cyclability
  • Optimised for low rate applications where the discharge duration is one hour or more
  • Very good cycle life – 8500 cycles at 20 % DoD
  • Low self-discharge - <3% per months @ 20°C
  • Maintenance free - >95% recombination rate
  • Compliant to DIN 40742, IEC 60896-21, IEC 61427 & DIN 43539-5


  • Thick tubular positive plate design with special lead-tin-calcium alloy
  • Pasted negative plates with lead-calcium alloy grid
  • Low resistance microporous separators
  • Thick ABS containers and lids (UL94 V-0 flame retardant ABS available as an option) provide high resistance to shocks
  • Electrolyte: sulphuric acid, immobilised as a gel
  • High integrity pillar seal
  • Pressure relief valve with flame arrestor