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Lead Based Energy Storage

Vented/ flooded lead acid batteries

This product group comprises so called "traditional lead acid batteries" which work with liquid electrolyte (acid). The technology is well proven and over 100 years in operation all around the world. Thanks to removable vent caps the electrolyte density can be measured easily which allows at any stage the controll of the state of charge and the overal condition of the battery. Topping up with destilled or purified water is possible which prolonges the lifetime in comparison to sealed battery types.

OPzS Series

  • Topping up interval:  > 3 Jahre
  • Positive tubular plate design
  • 2 V Single cells
  • Cycle life: 4500 @ 20 % DOD
  • Design life: 20 years
  • Capacity range: 100 – 4620 Ah
  • Available in SAN translucent and PP transparent cell containers

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OGi Series

  • Topping up interval:  > 3 Jahre
  • Positive flat palte
  • 2 V Single cells, 6V & 12V blocks
  • High discharge capability
  • Design life: 15 years
  • Capacity range: 25 – 960 Ah
  • Available in SAN translucent cell containers

Sealed lead acid batteries



OPzV Series

  • VRLA electrolyte in gel
  • Positive tubular plate
  •  Maintenance free as per DIN
  • 2 V single cell –  horizontal and vertical installation possible
  • Cycle life: 5200 @ 20 % DOD
  • Design life: 20 Jahre
  • Capacity range: 200 – 4250 Ah
  • Available in ABS and PP cell containers

Standard range AGM block batteries

  • Good performance, long lifetime
  • Robust ABS cell container
  • Maintenance free, all sides operation except bottom up
  • Starved electrolyte, no topping up required
  • Perfect for UPS, emergency lighting & alert systems
  • Capacity range: 1.2 Ah to 260 Ah
  • Avaialble in 6V and 12V blocks